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Welcome to Parramatta Painters

We are teams of local painters in the City of Parramatta, Our business established in 1995 with a legacy of over 4,000 successful painting jobs completed.
We are certainly specialised on all commercial, residential, strata, industrial and house painting services.
You can depend on us for your painting jobs with our over 27 years experience in painting business. 
We are a member of Dulux Accredited Painter for your peace of mind.
All Dulux Accredited Painters are monitored to be fully insured by Ebix Trades Monitors and with Dulux reputable brand for quality and durability, rest assured, your painting project is in safe hands with our teams of professional painters.

Our Range of Services

As trusted painters in Parramatta, we offer a range of painting and decorating services tailored to meet your needs.
Whether you require interior or exterior painting works, our expert team guarantees flawless finishes that breathe new life into your space. 
We understand the power of colour and design, in shaping environments; therefore we work closely with our clients to create customised solutions that align with their preferences and style.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Parramatta Painters for your painting and decorating needs is choosing our long proven expertise in the field of painting services.
We are incredibly proud of our track record, in providing craftsmanship, dependable service and unparalleled customer happiness.
Our dedication, to utilising high quality materials, innovative methods and friendly products guarantees breathtaking outcomes but also leaves a lasting positive impression.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our company foundation lies in our commitment, to put our customers’ needs first.
We value the importance of establishing connections, with our clients and comprehending their needs.
Our team, known for their warmth and expertise is ever prepared to aid you throughout every stage of the process starting from the consultation until project finalisation.
We prioritise communication offer advice and ensure competitive pricing to guarantee a smooth and pleasant experience while working with us.

Contact Us

Are you prepared to embark on an adventure of turning your space into an inspiring place? Get in touch, with Parramatta Painters today.
Discover the difference of collaborating with a reliable “painter, in Parramatta.” 
We are incredibly excited to connect with you regarding your project and offer solutions that will turn your vision into a reality.
Lets collaborate, on creating a captivating ambiance that will leave a lasting impression, on your heart for years to come.

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Inspiring Painting Services: Embracing New Ideas for Exceptional Transformations

The Creative Skilled Painters In Parramatta

Enhancing Spaces; The Artistic Mastery of Painting and Decorative Projects

The artistry of painting and decorating has the power to elevate the atmosphere of any space be it a home or a busy commercial setting.
It requires a blend of talent, imagination and expertise which’s precisely where trustworthy painting companies come in.
Backed by professionals and offering an array of services these companies have become the preferred option, for property owners looking to enrich their surroundings.

Professional Painting Service in Parramatta

Expert Painting Services; Adding a Touch of Inspiration to Any Project

Professional painting services play a role in the success of any painting and decorating project.
It requires expertise, meticulousness and a comprehensive understanding of paint varieties and how to apply them.
Painting contractors possess the knowledge and skills to achieve outcomes, in both residential and commercial settings.

Painters Parramatta - Guide to Interior Painting Works

The Art of Interior Painting; Making Your Space Warm and Welcoming

Painting the interior of a space goes beyond putting paint on walls.
It entails the art of designing welcoming environments that evoke emotions and offer a sense of comfort.
Professional painters have an understanding of how colours can impact our psychology.
They leverage this knowledge to create interiors that align with the clients personal preferences and style.

Painters Parramatta - Guide to Exterior Painting Works

Exterior Painting: Enhancing Curb Appeal

The outside appearance of a building is, like its face that it shows to the world and professional painters have knowledge and skills in the craft of painting the exterior of houses & businesses. They work with materials, like paint and texture to improve the attractiveness of the property and shield it from weather conditions.

Painter Parramatta - How to Stain Wood

Enhancing the Charm; The Art of Staining and Repainting

Staining is a method that accentuates the inherent charm of wooden surfaces, such, as decks, fences and furniture. Conversely repainting involves rejuvenating a space by applying a layer of paint revitalizsing worn out walls.

Painter Parramatta - House Painting Service

House Painters: The Creative Visionaries

House painters are the creative visionaries who transform a client’s dreams into reality. Whether it’s a complete home painting project or a simple room makeover, their attention to detail and meticulous approach ensure a stunning and seamless result.

Painter Parramatta - Strata Painting Service

Residential and Commercial Projects; Customised Solutions, for Every Space.

Painting companies specialise in a variety of painting projects, including homes and businesses. They provide both exterior & interior painting services. offering solutions to suit the specific requirements of each individual space.

Painters Parramatta - Get A Free Painting Quote

Free Estimate and Professionalism: The Pillars of Customer Service

A reputable painting company begins its service with a free estimate, offering detailed consultations to understand the clients’ requirements and provide accurate cost estimates. This transparent approach reflects their dedication to professionalism and ensures excellent customer service.

painting work's finishing touches in Parramatta

Refinishing and Gyprocks/Plasterboard Repairs: The Finishing Touch

Refinishing services complement painting and decorating works, ensuring a cohesive finish for the entire project. Additionally, painting companies often provide gyprocks or plasterboard repairs, addressing any imperfections on the walls before painting.

Parramatta Painters - High-Pressure Washing

Power or High-Pressure Washing: The Clean Canvas

Before exterior painting, power or high-pressure washing is essential to remove dirt, grime, and mildew, creating a clean canvas for the new coat of paint.

Painter Parramatta - Commercial Painting Service

Commercial Painting Services: Revamping Business Spaces

Commercial painting services are essential for businesses seeking to revamp their spaces. A fresh coat of paint can significantly impact the atmosphere and impression on customers and employees, creating an inviting and professional environment.

Painting Renovation work in Parramatta

Renovations: Breathing New Life into Old Spaces

Painting and decorating works often go hand in hand with renovation projects. The transformative power of a new paint job can rejuvenate an old space, giving it a fresh and modern look.

Floor & Roof Painting in Parramatta

Floor and Roof Painting: The Ultimate Touch of Elegance

Beyond walls, painting companies also extend their expertise to floor and roof painting. These services add a touch of elegance and protection to these essential components of any property.

Painters Parramatta - Guide to Line Marking

Line Marking Services: Creating Order and Safety on Every Surface

Line marking services play a crucial role in various settings, providing clear and defined lines that serve as visual cues for direction, organization, and safety. From roads and parking lots to sports fields and warehouses, line markings are essential for maintaining order and efficiency in different environments.

Parramatta Painters: Testimonials for painting contractors

Testimonials: A Reflection of Excellence

A collection of testimonials is a testament to the quality of a painting and decorating company’s work. Satisfied clients who share their positive experiences and showcase stunning results speak volumes about the expertise and professionalism of the painting contractors.

In conclusion - about Painting Services in Parramatta

In Conclusion: The Enchanting World of Painting and Decorating Works

In conclusion the world of painting and decorating is a captivating realm that showcases talent and skilled craftsmanship. It adds beauty to spaces, stroke by stroke. Painting companies offer a variety of services, for projects, including interior and exterior painting, refinishing and power washing. With their expertise and dedication, to customer satisfaction they ensure that every project is carried out flawlessly. Whether you want to rejuvenate your home or enhance your surroundings, the artistry of painting and decorating awaits you to bring your vision to life creating memories for years to come.


License: 211703C
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ABN. 45 127 955 748

Dulux Accredited Painter
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We are a Parramatta local painting contractor since 1995.
A Dulux Accredited painter & fully insured.
All our workmanship guaranteed.
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